So I wanted to do a Thanksgiving image this but I always felt it was difficult to come up with something. And since the most wholesome thing is family and this is a porn comic and Patreon kind wants none of what I would have put out there then I’d have to possibly swap up the pairings but… you know what… let’s just have a good old fashioned filler with no ties to the Holiday and a bit of story behind it. Those are fun.


This image done by Aya was going to be the cover for a Nightwing comic that was going to be in the same vein as Dick n’ Harley Quinn in which Dick would be having an endless barrage of sex. But in this comic it’d be him going through women a bit more in that he wouldn’t be attached to Harley. The first chapter was going to be him waking up on a couch in the Birds of Prey HQ, where his ex-girlfriend runs her team that consists of Helena, another one of his exes, and Black Canary, a woman that has shown interest in him in the past. That just screamed “orgy” to me and was going to go that route as Barbara does some work while her ex-boyfriend is getting it on with Helena and Dinah before joining in. I’m very much a fan of harems and having an MC that actually does bang all his love interests is something I’ve always wanted in something that isn’t hentai. That’s a weird thing to say but I felt that hentai doesn’t do harems as well and that sector of anime has suffered greatly in terms of quality and quantity in the recent years.


This Nightwing project is dead as the original artist kind of disappeared on me. And that being said I haven’t really tried to find out what’s going on. So there’s no harm there, I perfectly understand. The reason why it’s fine is because it’s better if this project never happened anyway. I’m in that spot where I have to be mindful of the costs of producing content and as much as I love making comics. I don’t love the slow growth in generating revenue. As always I really do appreciate people’s help but a little bit more would mean more comics. And I probably wouldn’t be able to sustain the Nightwing comic at the current rate. Although I will say that things are looking better but at a slow pace. No complaints other than the fact that I can’t make more porn comics.


Now that I’ve seen the demand for more lesbian porn comics I think a better project would be a Birds of Lay comic featuring all sorts of sexy superheroines and villainesses getting down and dirty with each other. I don’t have much else to say about it but I felt that a story and the thought processes behind this comic that will never be would be a good addition to what is easily a filler page posted on a holiday weekend so I can better build up a buffer for the comic and to put this cover to some use.


So enjoy the cover and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Art: Aya Yanagisawa