What if Cheryl and Kennedy’s powers were reversed? It’d look something like this!


Over on the Patreon we have patron suggestions for those pledging $5 or more a month. Not only do patrons help support us but they also get to decide the content of pin ups that are released weekly. If there are any that are based on characters from Deviants, I’ll post it here as a bonus update. It won’t count towards the usual two pages a week schedule and I’ll even post a reminder on the next update for those that miss it. All patrons get access to full resolution of pin ups, so for just $1 you get even more content at maximum quality! That even includes all pages for Deviants!


And if you’re looking for some really naughty content, there’s also the Taboo Tier! Featuring content not found anywhere else!


Art: Aya Yanagisawa