Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy this special page and another Christmas poem to go with it. I have a few variations of the poem and even a full version of one. I think this will suffice.


Because he was such a good boy that year,

Santa sent to Jameson something quite dear.

A couple of knocks upon Jameson’s door,

And there stood Mrs. Claus and one more.

She stood in his doorway and couldn’t be hotter,

She then said, “I’d like to introduce you to my daughter.”

The girl smiled and waved in a shy kind of way,

Seeing the young man with whom she would lay.

As he let them both into his humble beach shack,

Mrs. Claus brought out a drink from her velvet sack.

“Something to warm us up in more ways than one,

So it’ll be easier for us to have a little fun.”

Art: Aya Yanagisawa (Patreon)

Poem: Yours Truly