Toph Heavy Page 2-54

And with that, we are done with part 2. Part 3 coming soon. I’m not sure when I’ll start posting, but it will be this year. Thank you for your support up to this point. I apologize for not starting Part 3 right away, but I’m feeling a bit burnt out by Toph Heavy I was working on the next couple of pages and I noticed that the work was starting to suffer. So rather than force bad pages out, I’m going to take some time to recharge my batteries.


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Toph Heavy by Morganagod Avatar Last Airbender NSFW Fan Webcomic on Patreon

Toph Heavy is a parody comic featuring the sexual conquests of fiction’s most badass blind single mother: Toph Beifong. Toph tells all to Korra and her friends about her adventures as a beautiful buxom 20-something. In this comic, Toph has grown up and filled out… by several cups. Puberty hit her harder than Sozin’s comet and everyone has taken notice. Follow Toph as she travels the world and explains in vivid detail her many sexual conquests. Fire nation, earth nation, and water nation, she’ll be making her mark on all the men and women she meets.

Toph Heavy is a sexy Avatar the Last Airbender fan comic starring a busty and older Toph Beifong, written and drawn by Morganagod. Read Toph Heavy Page 2-53.

The idea for this parody was seeded on May 14, 2012, as it was “confirmed” by the creators on Tumblr that Lin’s father was Azula. “It’s really complicated,” they said mockingly. Originally meant as a taunt to those who wanted to know who was Lin’s parentage, I thought ” OK, lets think how this would work.” Toph Heavy is the result.