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Black Cat and Catwoman – These two ladies love a nice hard cock as much as they love running around in tight black costumes.

Livewire – She may not rank high on the list of Superman’s greatest enemies but she’s a strong contender for the hottest!

Mighty Endowed – A woman so busty she literally cannot stand up. She prefers being on the bottom anyway.

The DC and Marvel universes have been merged and all men have been removed! How has this happened and who’s responsible? It’s up to you, the last man in the merged universe, to find out! Female heroes will aid you, female villains will get in your way, and you’ll see all of them naked and lustful for you!

Infinity Crisis is ready now! Become a Patron and for $10 you can get access to the final build as well as all the full resolution art and WIPs!

Art: Aya Yanagisawa

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