Patreon Suggestion – Sheeva

New feature over at our Patreon!

We have revamped the suggestion perk for our patreon and have extended the sexy pin ups to everyone!

For everyone you get a smaller resolution image!

For those pledging $1 or more you get the full resolution of all images!

For those pledging $5 or more you get to make suggestions that I put on the list!

For those pledging $10 or more you get to make suggestions for the Taboo Tier and access to those pin ups that is exclusive to that tier.

We do about 1-2 suggestions a week so it’s really easy to get your pic made (barring some restrictions such as Nintendo characters and characters owned by specific people). As long as the request is reasonable you can expect it to be done at some point. Just be patient. If I have a reason for not accepting a character I will let you know. I will also try to get to people that have less suggestions completed.

Just like the Taboo Tier this will grow as we get more patrons. More money, more porn for everyone!

Art: Aya Yanagisawa

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