Fanart Friday Kamala Khan


Kamala is cute! Even when she’s naked! I will admit, I was a bit skeptical and critical of Kamala but she’s been a pleasant surprise.

This is the last image by the talented PK13 and I thank him for all his hard work. Next week will be the beginning of our month long Christmas-themed Fanart Friday by the new artist Aeolus!


  1. I like Kamala too. She’s been my favourite since her introduction. Hope someone can make a porn comic out of her because her powers could definitely be something to imagine

    • Yes she is a great character. If I were to do a comic about her, I’d make it about her high school love life and have the superhero stuff only be mentioned. Maybe even throw in some teenage Marvel heroes as other students.

      • I actually had an idea of a porn story of her with Spider-Man, but also a highschool character and a villain from his comic series. Never did anything with it because I had no idea how it will go. Not sure if I would continue, but your idea might have something

        • There’s a person online by the name of Tracy Scops that has been writing and commissioning loads of Spider-man porn comics. They have 36 full comics by various artists.

          As for Kamala, I’d like to see her go out on dates, have sex with some boys, some cute stuff and drama stuff, gets a boyfriend and basically has sex with him as much as possible. I’d make her into a sex addict (for her boyfriend only), maybe have her into roleplay and act out her fanfiction. Maybe her boyfriend would be a shapeshifter and he could fulfill all her fantasies.

          • I think someone name costin55 did a 5-page comic of sorts

            For Kamala, I was thinking her powers allowed her to shape her body. So can it also control parts of her body aswell? Like make her ass and clit tighter, and if she gets cum inside her she won’t ever get pregnant. Hell, Spider-Man and/or captain Marvel helped her out abit controling her powers. I was thinking she gets imprisoned by Lineage and they have their way with her. Until she gets saved by either Spider-Man or someone else, and briefly had a go at it for a while. Check out Kyder’s pics of her

            The highschool character I mention before is Mark Hunsacker from “Amazing Spider-Man #692”

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